Imaginary John Cage No. 1 has three movements:

  1. benediction
  2. her people speechless
  3. to see beauty even in

The first movement is spoken and begins “Welcome. Thank you all for coming.” After that, the speaker is welcome to do any number of things that might fall under the title of benedictions. Dave has agreed to do the first movement, which is nice because I wasn’t sure I felt like it (for future reference: the first movement is entirely optional).

However, here is a sketch of how I imagined this first benediction might go:

Welcome. Thank you all for coming. There are a few things that you all should know:

  1.  One hundred years has passed since John Cage was born; twenty years ago, John Cage died.
  2. Inspired by the work of John Cage (particularly his Imaginary Landscape, no. 4: for 12 radios), we came up with the idea of creating the composition you have come here to experience.
  3. Imaginary John Cage no. 1 (for 12 video games) is comprised of three movements.
  4. You are currently listening to the first movement, “benediction.”
  5. The next movement, soon to begin, is “her people speechless.”
  6. The third and final movement is “to see beauty even in.”
  7. I solemnly swear that not using capital letters was an accident, not an affectation.
  8. (However, the use of parentheses is fast becoming a crutch.)
  9. We are not afraid of anything either.